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Please contact us today! on one of the numbers listed below, at the bottom of the page you will find a active email link and our enquiry form, If your interested in making enquiry please contact us today! all our contact details are listed below or fill in my inquiry form and SUBMIT, We will contact you before the end of the business day, thank you for your time.

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Outside New Zealand:
Phone: + 64 6 8710 152
Mob: + 64 22 1505196

Please Contact our Chief Instructors listed below

The Vice President of Kyokushin Schools of  Karate Union Worldwide
Shihan Tom Kupa (6th Dan black Belt)
Sensei Olivia Kupa (3nd Dan Black Belt)

For an appointment please call:
Phone: (06) 8710 152
Mob: 022 1505196

Email Address: kupakarate@outlook.com