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EFC 2008 Outstanding Martial Arts School Award
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Here at Kupa International Martial Arts School, we believe that martial arts training can have a profound impact on one's self-development.

Martial Arts instills self-control and self-confidence through a series of challenges both for your body (physical) and mind (mentally). It helps to develop positive learning skills that can be used at home, work or school. Our class format is structured and disciplined in a non-threatening environment. Our students learn basic techniques which increase their confidence to defend themselves as well as improve their body control and self-esteem.

We encourage goal setting and help students develop respect for themselves and others.

We offer a wide variety of programmes and class times to accomodate many different schedules
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Shihan Tom Kupa
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The NEW Vice President of Kyokushin Schools of  Karate Union Worldwide, Shihan Tom Kupa.