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Mini Warriors :
The goal is to get the student to listen to basic commands and develop their hand/eye coordination skills.  When our students eventually transition to  the Little Warrior class, they won’t feel intimidated by the other children or have trouble adapting to the class length.

Little Warriors :
Our Little Warrior classes are in a caring environment, using positive reinforcement and behaviour modification techniques. We have a reward programme in place which encourages students to achieve “Stars” for their good effort during class. This programme will develop a new sense of self-esteem and pride with a feeling of accomplishment within their own small world. 

"Providing a Solid foundation for children to build on, embracing key character development skills."

Dragons :
The Dragon programme will enhance your teen in strength, memory and fitness agility whilst giving them the goals to meet inside and outside of the Dojo. Our teens are encouraged to work toward their next rank with support and excellent instruction. Often this spills out into other parts of their lives, resulting in better grades, social skills and a much  higher sense of self.  Every aspect of karate training is designed to help your teen deal better with stress, and supports you in building the foundation for a successful life for your child moving forward to the next level.

"Teaching children positive life skills & attributes that will serve them well for the rest of their lives."

Black Belt Leadership Program :
This programme helps develop many aspects required to achieve a balanced and healthy state of mind, body and spirit. It is important for students to learn the   importance of setting short-term goals in order to achieve long-term success. The Black Belt Programme is a 42 month (on average) course that takes the student from White Belt to Black Belt. Belt Testing takes place on average every 3 months.

"Dedicated to developing the student as a person, preparing them for the many life challenges that await them."

Teens/Adults Kickboxing Programme :
The Kickboxing Programme was developed with many aspects in mind. To enhance a healthy state of mind and body. Classes are focused on fitness and strength followed by technique and positioning of posture. Like the other programmes currently operating at K.I.M.A it is important for the student to learn to set short-term goals in order to achieve long-term success. The Kickboxing programme is a 36 month (on average) course that takes the student from White Belt to Black Belt.

Kids Kickboxing Program :
Newly introduced at the school to cater for this age group. They have their own specific syllabus and like the other programmes that operate at the school, are designed to teach and enhance important life-skills.

"Fun & challenging way to build confidence and self-esteem in students"
Little Warriors & Dragons:

Fun drills
Every Child wins

Black Belt Program :

Bullying Awareness

Kickboxing :


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